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"I've had a lot of massage, everywhere from the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, to Burke-Williams in Danville to the Carneros in Napa. I'm picky! And I've never, ever had as good a massage as Michelle gives me.

Michelle is not only super sweet and very friendly, but she is an excellent masseuse. Top, top notch. I walked out feeling much better than I went in. Not oily, not "worked over" and sore, just very relaxed and rejuvenated, to use a cliched phrase. 

My husband also saw Michelle and thought she was the best (masseuse) he'd ever had. That's high praise from a guy who's easily seen 15 different massage therapists. 

Michelle's costs are very reasonable and totally, totally, totally worth it."

— Meredith, client

"One of the best massage therapists I've ever worked with. She keeps my muscles loose and feeling great. As an athlete, her work makes me more successful."

— John, client

"Recently, I gave my wife one of the best Mother's Day gift ever...a gift certificate for a Massage by Michelle.  (To reciprocate, I received a Massage by Michelle for Father's Day, which I gladly accepted.) Michelle was so friendly yet professional - she made sure to tailor our massages to best suit our needs. 

The massage itself was so relaxing and effective..... I told Michelle she should take out insurance on her fingers because they are so valuable. We definitely will come back for more sessions."

— Leo, client

"Michelle is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered. She's great with deep tissue massage…she's gentle yet has a firm touch with every technique that she does." 

— La Tanyua, client


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